NOSOH-USA, A NEW ASSociation of Bafanji People

Constituent Assembly of NOSOH-USA, March 2018

A new Association of Bafanji people is born in the United States of America. NOSOH-USA is NON-RELIGIOUS, NON-PROFIT AND APOLITICAL ASSCOIATION OF PEOPLE OF BAFANJI ORIGIN RESIDENT IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.:   Mission and Objectives OF THE ASSOCIATION – promote peaceful co-existence, unity and the development of the Bafanji people at home and in the united states of America –   Encourage the educational, economic and socio-cultural progress of its members;  –   promote and preserve our Bafanji cultural heritage – encourage education and skills training through scholarship and workshop Maintain a sense of oneness, identity and brotherhood amongst sons and daughters of Bafanji.

NOSOH-USA was founded by members of the Bafanji Community on a social media WhatsApp’s platform initiated by Queen Njwene Evelyn in march 2018. The first constituent assembly meeting took place on the March 23rd 2018. The meeting was generously hosted by Mr. Mbenowoh Terrence. There were fourteen adults and five children in attendance. The friends agreed to meet every quarter in the spirit of camaraderie. By June 2018, the name NOSOH-USA was adopted by the general meeting and caretaker committee formed to spearhead the development of the association. The committee comprised of Mr. Mbenowoh Terence, Mrs Pascaline Timunji and Mr Mokuh Barthy. The committee was charged with the

The Constitution of NOSOH-USA
Queen Evelyn Njwene

The draft constitution was amended and unanimously adopted in December 2018 in a meeting hosted by Mr Tiagwia Constantine at his Hyattsville resident. This meeting also witnessed the election of the first executives of the Association. The following members were elected pioneer executives of NOSOH-USA

President: Njizokokeh B Mokuh (Mokuh Barthy)

Vice President: Paul Malokeh ( Mba Tata)

Secretary: Blaise Nde ( Tonkung)

Treasurer: Pascaline Tiemunji

Financial Secretary: Mbenowoh Terrence Hohong

Public Relation & pub. Sec: Constantine Tiengwia

Social Commitee Members:

– Loveline Tiapo (secretary)

– Timioh Maurine (member)

– Mba Nekembeh(member)

-Vivian Njinzokeh (Mokuh)


On February 9th 2019, the executives were official installed into their function by the Special representative of the KING of Bafanji to the US, MR Tiapo Napoleon during a general assembly meeting hosted by the president- elect MR Mokuh at his Aberdeen resident.  Mr Tiapo who also doubles as the guest of honour was the bearer of two special messages from His majesty Ngwefon II.  Firstly, the Nosoh family should always remember where they came from (village) and they are Nursing seeds that should portray an exemplary leadership that will inspire the generations to come.   Each member of the executive was reminded to always put in their very best to move the association forward.


Secondly, as travelers, we should always learn and copy the great things from different cultures and bring them back home for the development of our village. Furthermore, he advised the president to know leadership is giving everyone a voice and being a leader is to bring others to help you do the Job.

Installation Ceremony.

The president Mr. MOKUh on his part, thanked Mr Tiapo and his wife for coming and for the wonderful installation. He equally appreciated the efforts of Queen Njwene. He continued to narrate a brief history and creation of the Nosoh family and concluded by telling his members to work collaboratively in order to leave their mark like the generation gone before them. He reminded them that social media is a powerful tool that can be used to transformed society. We should use social media positively to develop our village of origin. The Queen mother on her part, reminded the executives of their duties and responsibilities in sustaining the association and keeping it focus on its objectives. She thanked the president for his efforts in keeping and developing the group identity.  Mr. Tiapo, ended the installation by presenting a symbol of leadership to the president. Socialization, refreshments, music and merriments continued for the rest of the night.

 Mokuh Barthy & Nde Blaise reporting from Toukoug Quarter , Bafanji Kingdom.

FADCA CONVOCATION 2018, Bafoussam.

The President General of The Fanji Development and Cultural Association (FADCA), Mba Tiemunji William Sunpewoh is inviting all sons and daughters of the Bafanji kingdom to attend the 2018 Annual General assembly meeting scheduled to take place at Unity Hotel Bafoussam on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 from 10 am prompt. According to the communicate signed by the president general dated January 13th, 2019, the decision to move the venue of the meeting Bafoussam was unanimously at by the National Bureau of FADCA  in accordance with article 13.1 of the FADCA constitution.

Mba Tiemunji William, outgoing president.

Delegates from various FADCA branches are expected to come along with all dues, activities report, and to present an annual balance sheet of all development funds as well as the Palace project.

Bafanji women. WFADCA, Bamenda Branch

Also top on the agenda shall the election of a new national bureau of FADCA since the second mandate of the current bureau has come to an end. The election of the New Executive is very vital tote existence of FADCA. THE election is drawing particular attention from all sons and daughters of Bafanji around the world. The debate on the election of the new bureau has been more electrifying in the Bafanji citizen group. Some are of the opinion that election should be put on hold until such a time when it shall be possible to hold the General assembly in the village. Other opinions hold that delegates shall be coming from all quarters of the village. Therefore, all branches shall be fully represented for the election to go ahead as planned. The post of president seems to the most attractive in the general election with several candidates vying for the post. Prominent amongst the candidates are Mr Musi Vincent, High school teacher and Mr Tamba Rouben , founder of UB construction and petroleum.

Mr & Mrs Musi for president.

Both candidates have announced their interest to run for president in the Bafanji citizen group. They have each published their manifesto. It is incumbent upon each candidate to convince the delegates through a meaningful and feasible plan of action. However, the outgoing president, Mba Tiemuniji William has cautioned all candidates to show proof of maturity by avoiding smear campaigns and blackmailing that is plaguing partisan political campaigns. Electorates and delegates are also cautioned to exercise restraint and avoid divisive debates and to put the development of Bafanji kingdom before any personal ambition.

Mr.Rouben Tamba, candidate for President.
I am Rouben Tamba, an active FADCA member with the Bafoussam Branch, from the Tamba’s family. I’m the son of late lawyer Peziegieh Patrick Tamba from Njantang quarters, who before his demise served as President General of FADCA & President for Kumba branch. My grandfather ( Mbah Tieuh Johnson Tamba ) was a notable who served the Fon and the Bafanji community faithfully, until his death.   I’m married with two kids and have extensive experience in management. I’m the founder of UB Constructions and Petroleum Company Ltd. As a fervent Fieh Lunglue, I promise to campaign for the installment of the water project for the whole village. I will also try and do the electrification of other rural areas through our collective collaborations. I also hope to mobilize the youths by organizing youth summer cultural festivities that will be galvanized by sporting events such as football. Please trust me with your votes and I will not fail you all.   Plan of Action Getting FADCA working again. – Putting in place Serious FADCA Regional & Divisional branches which will be known by Administrative authorities in the different localities. – Set up a FADCA secretariat with up to date machines in the village (computers, laptops, two photocopy machines & a generator). – Putting FADCA at the International level with international developmental Agencies, – FADCA activities reports will be presented very after three months, with distributions to Regional & Divisional branches, – Notice board shall be mounted at strategic places in the village like Quarters & Junctions, – FADCA national bureau will every three months meet with Quarter heads in order to make assessments of projects on the ground, – For the uncompleted projects a special committee will be created with respect to abandon projects & a speedy plan activities to finalize the projects within the shortest possible time, – I shall put in place a participatory & transparent management of the Village development funds, – Digitalization of the financial reports which will be made publicly quarterly, – Creation of a FANJI COOPERATIVE CREDIT UNION.  

This is Musi Vincent, candidate for the post of president general of FADCA. I am 59yrs old. A high school teacher and school administrator. I am the son of Tieneh Leongand Menkieu Hongwie all of the blessed memory. A founding member of FADCA in which I served as Secretary general for 14yrs. In that capacity, I did much for Bafanji.  Constituted files that led to the creation of GBHS Bafanji and GTC Bafanji. Coordinated the renovation of the palace and the Fan’s funeral. Instrumental in the building/roofing of the community Hall that has now been left to rot. A Nigerian writer says “an old man cannot sit and watch she goat suffer the pains of parturition on its tether” I do not, therefore, wish to idle and see FADCA come to naught. FADCA today has no base which is dangerous. The village has developed a disenchantment for everything FADCA. This explains why for 3 years the village has virtually refused to contribute FADCA dues. FADCA must be given back to the people because it has become an elitist affair. With the experience that I have and the capacity to turn things around, I will want to take FADCA to its glorious past.
Report by
Mokuh Barthy
Toukoug Quarter , Bafanji kingdom

Mafesto of Mr Musi vincent.

Gender And Development In Bafanji

The Fanji Cultural And Development Association, FADCA considers the emancipation of women as a prerequisite for peace and social progress. Therefore, HRH Fon Ngwefuon II has accorded high priority to supporting all efforts aimed at improving the status of women in the Bafanji community.

It was with this vision in mind that the first ever Women wing of FADCA was created in May 2018, with an interim bureau headed by Madam Susan Nde. The interim committee will work for six months to establish its by-laws and plan of action to be submitted to the executive bureau of FADCA. For details report, click here:

FADCA considers gender equality as a fundamental tenet and addresses such concerns as violence against women, women’s involvement in social and economic development, the role of women in peace, the education of women, and the status of the girl child. The women Wing will promote awareness of female farmers’ , including health care, and clean water; promote access to credit; and encourage women’s participation in decision-making, food security in Bafanji and above all the education of the girl child in Bafanji, Contribution . Mokuh Barthy

Queen of the Bafanji Kingdom.

Bafanji Palace Project Contributions .

click here to access full list of all contributions; Bafanji Palace Project Contributions
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For a live report on the launching of the project , click the link below.

For Details on the New palace plant and design , see 3D images below:

Main Entrance into the Palace Lobby

Queens' section of the palace.

Community News

The community is aggrieved by the sudden death of The Regional Coordinator of FADCA for the littoral, Mr. Sylvester Nkale. Mr Nkale died in active duty and service to the Bafanji community in a motor cycle crash on Sunday July 29th 2018 while returning from a community meeting. This is a big loss to the entire community and he will forever be remember for his selfless and sacrificial services to the well-being of mankind. The news was received with pains and shock by members of the Bafanji community. Eulogies continue to pour in from friends and sympathizers.
“The untimely, cruel and tragic demise of Nkale, the FADCA Littoral Regional Coordinator is an irreparable loss to his family and the community. Eulogies abound with his relentless and selfless commitments to his job and community. I and my family offer our sincere condolences to his family and the FADCA community. “
-HRH Fon Ngwefuon II

“Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in love, our fears, our hopes, our aims are one. The brief time I had with you was memorable, ... And know, When we asunder part, from the sting of death, when the grave rejoices in its victory over our mortal bodies, it gives us inward pain, but we shall still be joined in love and hope to meet again, for where is deaths sting? where grave thy Victory in a spiritual realm? If service we rendered, and purpose we met, then the pain to the mortal is great but our joy, the departed greater. After leaving this gloomy dungeon of a world, and being freed from its cares, as an ambassador of a greater spiritual kingdom, I shall surely earn the reward of the Most High, and Suprême. I triumph still as he abides with me. May God grant those feeling the pains of your departure solace and consolation. May your peace be with them. We pledge our empathy to them.”
-Victor Lue

“I am shocked to my roots to hear this deafening sad news. What happened? During one of my most desperate moments in life, he dug in and out to give me solace, notwithstanding the level of his job at the referral hospital in Douala. It is that his bulldozer gift that allowed him to knock at the doors of the highest specialists and authorities in that hospital to announce that i was his and should be given special care. He did that to many more people, natives or not. I have in my Nmbah Ta'apah Joseph. Mr Nkale, you saved my daughter with your selflessness in service, in an environment where callousness caresses death. You are not dead my brother. The wages of your goodness are right god where you must rest in peace, the peace you so much merited and still merit! Haba!”
-Peter Tieh Nde

“Special mourning and consoling gospel song / Hunter's Eulogy to us mourners.
This evening as I read through eulogies or tributes from forumites about our brother Nkale, I developed cold feet. What a special person or gift to serve mankind, yet the wickedness of death can't permit such to live long. Legacy of a good person is what we have observed today. Put a smile on a face, on daily basis, impact on people as you navigate from one point to the other. No one ever gets poor for giving or helping the needy. Bro Nkale, rest in the lord and continue to do good in heaven and in your next life. It's regrettable I never had the opportunity to meet you in person but suffice to say you remain an inspiration to mankind. Thank you for your devotion and dedication to our people. Hunter”