Gender And Development In Bafanji

The Fanji Cultural And Development Association, FADCA considers the emancipation of women as a prerequisite for peace and social progress. Therefore, HRH Fon Ngwefuon II has accorded high priority to supporting all efforts aimed at improving the status of women in the Bafanji community.

It was with this vision in mind that the first ever Women wing of FADCA was created in May 2018, with an interim bureau headed by Madam Susan Nde. The interim committee will work for six months to establish its by-laws and plan of action to be submitted to the executive bureau of FADCA. For details report, click here:

FADCA considers gender equality as a fundamental tenet and addresses such concerns as violence against women, women’s involvement in social and economic development, the role of women in peace, the education of women, and the status of the girl child. The women Wing will promote awareness of female farmers’ , including health care, and clean water; promote access to credit; and encourage women’s participation in decision-making, food security in Bafanji and above all the education of the girl child in Bafanji, Contribution . Mokuh Barthy

Queen of the Bafanji Kingdom.