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Main Entrance into the Palace Lobby

Queens' section of the palace.

Community News

The community is aggrieved by the sudden death of The Regional Coordinator of FADCA for the littoral, Mr. Sylvester Nkale. Mr Nkale died in active duty and service to the Bafanji community in a motor cycle crash on Sunday July 29th 2018 while returning from a community meeting. This is a big loss to the entire community and he will forever be remember for his selfless and sacrificial services to the well-being of mankind. The news was received with pains and shock by members of the Bafanji community. Eulogies continue to pour in from friends and sympathizers.
“The untimely, cruel and tragic demise of Nkale, the FADCA Littoral Regional Coordinator is an irreparable loss to his family and the community. Eulogies abound with his relentless and selfless commitments to his job and community. I and my family offer our sincere condolences to his family and the FADCA community. “
-HRH Fon Ngwefuon II

“Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in love, our fears, our hopes, our aims are one. The brief time I had with you was memorable, ... And know, When we asunder part, from the sting of death, when the grave rejoices in its victory over our mortal bodies, it gives us inward pain, but we shall still be joined in love and hope to meet again, for where is deaths sting? where grave thy Victory in a spiritual realm? If service we rendered, and purpose we met, then the pain to the mortal is great but our joy, the departed greater. After leaving this gloomy dungeon of a world, and being freed from its cares, as an ambassador of a greater spiritual kingdom, I shall surely earn the reward of the Most High, and Suprême. I triumph still as he abides with me. May God grant those feeling the pains of your departure solace and consolation. May your peace be with them. We pledge our empathy to them.”
-Victor Lue

“I am shocked to my roots to hear this deafening sad news. What happened? During one of my most desperate moments in life, he dug in and out to give me solace, notwithstanding the level of his job at the referral hospital in Douala. It is that his bulldozer gift that allowed him to knock at the doors of the highest specialists and authorities in that hospital to announce that i was his and should be given special care. He did that to many more people, natives or not. I have in my Nmbah Ta'apah Joseph. Mr Nkale, you saved my daughter with your selflessness in service, in an environment where callousness caresses death. You are not dead my brother. The wages of your goodness are right god where you must rest in peace, the peace you so much merited and still merit! Haba!”
-Peter Tieh Nde

“Special mourning and consoling gospel song / Hunter's Eulogy to us mourners.
This evening as I read through eulogies or tributes from forumites about our brother Nkale, I developed cold feet. What a special person or gift to serve mankind, yet the wickedness of death can't permit such to live long. Legacy of a good person is what we have observed today. Put a smile on a face, on daily basis, impact on people as you navigate from one point to the other. No one ever gets poor for giving or helping the needy. Bro Nkale, rest in the lord and continue to do good in heaven and in your next life. It's regrettable I never had the opportunity to meet you in person but suffice to say you remain an inspiration to mankind. Thank you for your devotion and dedication to our people. Hunter”