Community Developmen


Our Approach

 Vision and Goals
We engage in social action and community development convinced that development is not to be conceived as a finished product to be delivered by the developed to the underdeveloped communities. This conviction permeates and vision, goals and framework for action. Our evolving framework focuses on grassroot initiatives and sustainable development which can only be achieved through the process of consultation, capacity building, and learning from global and local experiences. Below is a cursory look of our areas of focus.
• Promotion of peaceful co-existence, unity and the development within the community;
• fostering educational, economic and socio-cultural progress of the community;
• promotion and preservation of the cultural heritage of our members and community;
• eradication of illiteracy, greed, envy, hatred and all other forms of social ills which hinder peace, unity and development;
• innovation of agricultural methods, alleviation of poverty and improvement of the standard of living of our community members.
• provision of social amenities through capacity building and, collective endeavours and above all
• The promotion of the principles of reciprocity, cooperation and interconnectedness.

Our Story


The Fanji Cultural and Development Association abbreviated FADCA is a non-religious, non-profit making and apolitical association whose objective is to foster the economic and socio-cultural development of its members and community. FOUNDED IN 19..


Meet the Team

FOR ANY DEVELOPMENT initiative to be successful, the participants must have a share and unified vision and a sense of purpose These participants are indeed collaborators,
because all share the common purpose: that of mobilising community resources
to promote the well-being of its memebers.

His Royal Majesty , Fon Ngwefuon II , paramount king of the Bafanji people. A visionary and a leader.

Tonteh Primus

Guardian and next in command to the KIng of Bafanji


William Sunpewoh

President General of the Fanji Cultural and Development Association- FADCA